browser-warInternet Explorer, Microsoft's browser, has never suffered from the competition during the last period. Mozilla just released the new version of Firefox 3.5, there is less than a week, broke all records with 15 million downloads. Earlier in June, Apple released Safari 4. In March, Microsoft introduced Internet Explorer 8 and Google came out with an acceleration of its beta Chrome browser.

Firefox, Safari and Chrome are the biggest beneficiaries. Nearly 5% of lost market share of IE, about half of 11.5%, went to Firefox 3.0, which currently has 27.6% share. And this does not reflect the latest update.

It would be very difficult to make conclusions at this stage, since market shares are changing very quickly for all major browsers publishers are trying to convince users to upgrade.
It is obvious that we are in the midst of a simultaneously major cycle upgrade, either for IE, Firefox or Safari not forget that Chrome is being done to incorporate large. But according to the omens, the question is who will dominate, Firefox or IE8?
It is also noteworthy that the release of Windows 7 will make the task even more difficult for the Microsoft browser, as it will not be integrated into the operating system, which cut a large portion of its users who will have the choice to opt for any other browser.