Fan Box WidgetFacebook just launched Fan Box widget for Facebook Page owners, you can implement the Fan Box widget on your own website to gain more fans and share your Facebook updates. you need just the small generated code to your website.

This widget comes with a button “Become a Fan”, Stream as an option and Fans list as option too, here is some examples :
Become a Fan“Become Fan” Button
Fan Box Fans Stream  
“Become Fan” Button + Stream
Fan Box Fans
“Become Fan” Button + Fans list
Fan Box Fans Stream
“Become Fan” Button + Stream + Fans list
To generate the code, click on “Add Fan Box to your site” below the Page’s profile picture (you need to be a Page admin to do so).
Add Fan Box Widget 
For advanced users you can check advanced options just below the generated code.
For a live view check our sidebar and don’t forget to become a fan.