With the new OS from Microsoft there is no need to format your machine to migrate to another language that you master.  as you know there is some language are missing in the beta of windows 7 like French. but in the RC you may apply yours through “Windows update” as a “language pack”

After upgrading your beta to RC, go and check “Windows update” for new updates. You will get a result like this :

2009-05-17_191420 then check optional updates

2009-05-17_191521 as you can see those optional updates are language packs available to download for French, German, Japanese and Spanish Language. select yours then hit “OK” to download it with other updates. after the download finish follow instruction to install it.2009-05-13_194656 Now to change your display language, just go to “Region and Language” located in the “Control Panel” of Windows 7 then “Keyboards and Languages” and choose your desired language. It have to log off to apply changes.


If you want to add more display languages just go to “Region and Languages” > “Keyboard and Languages”  and install other one.

Now you know how to change your language in an easy way without any troubles. Enjoy it.

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