What's new in the latest version


Version 3.90 beta 2
  1. Delay between right clicking selected files in Windows Explorer
     and displaying the context menu is reduced. This delay can be
     noticeable, when you right click several thousands of files.


  2. Bugs fixed:

     a) dragging a file over an existing archive in Windows Explorer
        did not work for 64 bit WinRAR;

     b) 64 bit beta 1 shell extension crashed if user right clicked
        "Startup" folder in Start Menu and selected "Open" or "Explore"

     c) "Scan archive for viruses" command in 64 bit beta 1 could fail to
        autodetect some of 32 bit antiviruses detected by 32 bit version;

     d) beta 1 hung when the entire folder specified as a mask
        was excluded: 'rar a -xfolder arc folder';

     e) sometimes beta 1 could hang when creating a new RAR archive
        if archive comment or one of advanced NTFS options was specified;

     f) ZIP encryption code was updated to include recent InfoZip fixes;

     g) 64 bit version did not store the toolbar layout.


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