Disclaimer: Torrenting may be illegal in your country.

We used to use feed to get last news from website, we can use it in a different way : to download our favorite shows from P2P networks automatically without  the need to check sites of torrents every week, especially feed services.
This is a way how to download your favorite shows using µTorrent :
  1. Click on the RSS icon in the toolbar.
  2. Click Add and enter the following feed URL .
    Before clicking OK preface the URL with TVRSS| i.e.  TVRSS|http://tvrss.net/feed/eztv/  etc etc  (No space before or after the | ).
    This just means that the feed is referred to by the name EZTV elsewhere in the settings, rather than the full URL  each time.
    Each site offers various slightly different feed options - choose the one that best fits your needs.
  3. Click on the Favorites tab.  Here we create filters to act upon the feed.  One for each show you want to grab.
    RSS Downloader
  4. Click on Add button, and in the left hand sub-pane rename New Filter to whatever you want e.g. The Beast .
    Because µTorrent doesn't have the ability to set a Fail filter we don't need to create a single primary Exclusions filter, but have to add exclusions to each individual show filter.
  5. Now we can fill out the Filter Settings sub-pane on the right.
  6. On the Filter line we add the keywords that will match with the specific show from the feed. We only need one or two word expressions  e.g. lost or the beast.
    If the name is too ambiguous or variable then we do need to be a little more careful e.g. ER or NCIS
    For ER we need to make sure it matches the various possible titles.
    Use the Filter ER|E.R.
    Because of the lack of a global Fail filter we need to add the file types we want to ignore on each filter's Not line.
    e.g. *AC3*|*HR*|*264*|*720*  Add any terms you like here.  Just surround each one with * wild cards and.
    separate them with a |.
  7. Once you have the filter working to your satisfaction then complete the rest of the options.
  8. Set a Save In directory if you want one.
  9. Set the Feed to be filtered as a specific one i.e. TVRSS, or just All
  10. The Quality filter isn't that reliable for picking up HR, so just set it to ALL, and let the previous Not entries take care of it.
  11. For episodes with regular numbers i.e. 2x05 or S02E05, enter an episode to start from i.e. 2x05 or a range, for the series i.e. 2x5-22 and check the box, or leave it blank if you want to start from the next new episode.
  12. Uncheck Filter Matches Original Name Instead of Decoded.
  13. Check Give Download Highest Priority if you want new episodes to leapfrog your existing queue.
  14. For episodes with regular numbers i.e. 2x05 or S02E05, check Smart Ep. Filter - this ensures that the client remembers the most recent episode number, and won't download an older one even if it appears as a new entry in the feed.
    For shows like The Daily Show with dates rather than regular numbering make sure Smart Ep. Filter is unchecked , so it will just download the most recent one in the feed.
  15. Leave Minimum Interval as Match Always.
  16. Set a Label for new episodes if you want one.
  17. All changes are automatically saved as you make them, so you don't have to do anything once you're done editing.
  18. Repeat steps 4 onwards for as many shows as you need.  Job done.