Kaspersky site hacked Through a SQL injection attack, a hacker was able to block the U.S. site of Kaspersky, the company had to come to the rescue to try to save his image.
According Hackersblog screenshots to support the attack has undermined the security of those who should commit it. On the blog, you can find details on how it was possible to access the tables of the databases and then taking possession of the user data, activation codes, lists of bugs and more, by changing only a few parameters.

The authors of the work of piracy have ensured that the attack was purely demonstrative and the information had been collected will not appear.

Immediately after the attack, Kaspersky wanted to reassure its users by issuing a press release.
"Saturday 7 February, a vulnerability was detected in the line of code in our domain usa.kaspersky.com, this was because a hacker has conducted an attack against the site.

The site has been unavailable for a short period and immediately after the detection of bugs, we have taken steps to replace the default paragraph and the vulnerability has been eliminated in 30 minutes. The vulnerability is not critical and no data has been compromised. "
On Hackersblog, another spoke of an information attack on the Portuguese website BitDefender. Obviously, the protection of its own data, for one who tries to do his job security, remains an absolute necessity.

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