Gmail The problems on Gmail  have affected many e-mail users as well as in Google Apps world are now resolved, this can be read on declaration made by Google. Users are now able to access their mailboxes without too many problems, since early yesterday afternoon.

Some users will be asked to fill in whatever is called a "captcha" that ask them to type a word or a few Letters to authenticate. This is quite normal and usual when requesting access to his email account several times without success.

According to Google, the blackout, which lasted two hours and a half from 9:30 am GMT (10:30 am HT) has not yet been explained but the engineers of the giant
web are working on it. Google also apologized for the inconvenience that may have been caused and the disruption that this could lead the work of some.

"Obviously, we are never happy when failures occur, but we emphasize that this is an event unusual. We know how important Gmail for you and how of people rely on the service. "