Wii Sports

According to VGChartz.com, and based on data from the end of 2008, Wii Sports has just completed the best selling game ever, displacing Super Mario Bros. for NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), the highest margin the podium. The historical figure was reached 110 weeks after its marketing.

Super Mario Bros. was published around the world between 1985 and 1987, and, like the Wii Sports, the game was sold with Nintendo at the time, the NES.

The distribution strategy has been similar, Super Mario Bros. had reached the impressive figure of 40.24 million copies sold on the basis of 61.91 million consoles manufactured. Wii Sports has already reached 45 million units, which would not make forecasts of 50 million copies a figure difficult to achieve.

Super Mario has been an exceptional which literally changed the world of video games, so that this character has become a social phenomenon. To call a plumber, it does qualify, sometimes, Super Mario.