over 18 logoThe system of classification of films for the protection of minors could become a reference design for the Web. In this sense, the Minister for Culture, Andy Burnham, said that the evaluation of web sites, as is being done for movies and music, could be a good strategy to protect adolescents and children.
"The more we seek international solutions to these kinds of things, mainly with the collaboration between Great Britain and the United States, an international standard is likely to emerge and can become a rule to govern all of the industry " said the minister. "This is an area that has demonstrated its potential in recent times."
"If the creators of Internet content speak explicitly add a logo while governments do not, I think this issue should be examined thoroughly."
"This is not a campaign against freedom of expression, indeed, it is simply a matter of public interest. When there is a possibility of harm to others, we need to better define where the public interest and be clear about this. "
Andy Burnham has confirmed its intention to negotiate, as soon as possible, a system of international regulations for sites in English, and with the future administration of the new American president, Barack Obama.