Internet Explorer 8 RC1 Microsoft has announced the launch of the Release Candidate 1 of Internet Explorer 8.0 and announced the upcoming release of the final version.

The changes brought to the RC1 over Beta 2, are in an overall improvement in navigation performance both during loading, AJAX applications as well as JavaScript. The rendering engine has also seen some improvements. It is designed to be fully compatible with CSS 2.1,  WAI-ARIA, Ecma Script 3.1 and HTML 5 Draft DOM Storage. Another set of enhancements has also been made through the feedback received from testers, businesses and partners.

Regarding security, the protection feature 'Click Jacking protection' will provide additional protection in case of Transparent Layer created in the wrong way, creating a kind of overlap with the legitimate content of the page to intercept personal data and monitor user activity.

You can download RC1 of Internet Explorer 8 from these links:

For  Windows 7, the RC1 is not available. The final version of Internet Explorer 8 will be integrated directly to Windows 7.