Steve Ballmer, gave the opening speech of the 2009 CES, the event around the consumer electronics, held early each year in Las Vegas. Not surprisingly, Ballmer announced the upcoming distribution of the first beta version of Windows 7, which is available from yesterday at this address.

try the beta     windows 7

The beta test will be available until August and will be first available for the first 2.5 million lucky.

As we have known for some time, Microsoft developed Windows 7 on the basis of the flaws of Vista. The company has worked on the performance of the operating system, optimized and revised the graphical interface and has intervened on several mechanisms in Vista.
Ballmer did not mention an exact date of release but a simple analogy on the exit ramp operating systems from Microsoft, would predict an output for the end of 2009 or no later than the beginning of the 2010.

Once the Chapter  Windows 7 closed, Ballmer spoke about Facebook, the social network that Microsoft is a shareholder and now reach 150 million users. Ballmer announced that Windows Live, the suite of services that includes instant messaging, photo management and videos etc.., Will be integrated into Facebook. In short, with Windows, it will be easier to publish documents, photos, videos and notes on the famous portal of Mark Zuckerberg.

Microsoft also believes the research, thanks to an agreement reached with  Dell. From next February, the leading brand of PC preinstall Windows Live Essentials (A suite of applications that includes Live Messenger, Live Search and other Live services). A similar agreement was signed with Verizon, the U.S. telephone operator, which for the next five years, add the mobile search engine as a starting point for Web browsing standard.

Finally, Ballmer ended his speech by speaking of Windows Mobile, which should be updated at the beginning of the 2009 and the Xbox 360 which begins to be successful by lowering prices on business by Microsoft.