Yes final version, today I’m back with the final one. Last time we spoke about the beta version.
What’s new in Windows Live Messenger 2009:
  • User interface has been updated, including the toasts
  • Sign-in screen has been restyled
  • New program/tray icon
  • Updated e-mail icon showing the number of new e-mails more clearly
  • Updated Group window header
  • SkyDrive officially replaces sharing folders feature (Actions > View your online files)
  • Expanded What’s new area shows more details (eg. complete Tweets, added pictures, etc.) and Post a note has been updated for some items
  • What’s new per contact in conversation window
  • You cannot choose your own signature sound any longer. You can only assign signature sounds to your contacts
  • Webcam snapshot has been renamed to Webcam Picture
  • Tile with moods has been renamed to Dynamic Picture
  • Modify moods, videos and/or pictures of previously made Dynamic Pictures
  • Change scene option added to status dropdown list
  • More default Scenes
  • Updated and new static/animated display pictures featuring the Messenger buddy, Morty and Daisy
  • Windows 7 Jumplists
  • Save pictures presented through PhotoShare (Previous photo/Next photo/Save photo)
  • What’s new list options accessible through an icon next to What’s new header, or from a button in Options > Layout
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