Picasa 3 will finally become a global application. The famous management software from Google images, combined for sharing images, sees his latest version translated into 38 languages.
Many new features have also been introduced with this new version. The recognition of faces in images is the one that draws more attention.
The software is also able to recognize images that contain the same faces in order to facilitate the organization and indexing. There are also improving the function synchronization with the web album, video editing and retouching features photos.
Picasa Web now includes a feature recognition and language translation can also comment.
Among the new features of Picasa 3, there is a significant improvement in overall performance, especially the opening and editing images. A feature preview of all files on your computer can also replace the image preview of Windows.
In addition to the comments and titles, Picasa 3 allows to add text to images and make it more or less transparent. The tools available for editing images are more numerous and powerful, especially for missed shots, bad quality or low resolution.
It is now possible to rotate, cutting, recoller or to edit video.
With this third version, Picasa seems to have reached maturity, a tool that can, by itself, be used to manage images and videos. The perfect interaction with the online version, Picasa Web Album gives Picasa users can edit and share photos and, through Gmail, to share with everyone in a few clicks.picasa_logo

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