Initial tests on the alpha version of Opera browser 10 would suffice to show all his qualities. This browser part of a series of two products that are still developing, is fully compatible with the Acid3 test.
Opera has already praised the excellent results of its 10 fully compatible with the Benchmark for browsers, in its two Windows versions as Mac OS. At speed, this new version is faster than the previous one (SunSpider Test ), but is still behind Firefox 3.1 with the new TraceMonkey.

This alpha version and its innovations are addressed mainly to developers and could go unnoticed for most other users, such as management of characters and fonts, rendering transparencies, animations images or both key functions of the Dragonfly. It is now possible to use DOM to determine the sources of traffic, an important tool for debugging AJAX modules as well as certain features that can be changed in real time.
At the user level, there is certainly little change, but they are significant changes: Opera Mail is finally over the HTML formatting emails and a tool for checking spelling was integrated. Updates are downloaded and installed automatically which is more or less objectionable because it does not give the user a choice. As against, it is possible to define various updates and even turn them off entirely.
In practice and at one level, this version, while an alpha version, is very stable, good omen for upcoming versions.
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[Download Opera 10 Alpha ]