micron-48-pin-tsop Micron and Sun have announced the development of a new NAND memory technology single-level (single-level cell NAND) to be able to increase the lifespan of flash storage devices for businesses. The collaboration between the two groups led to the creation of devices capable of reaching one million write cycles, or ten times more memory than conventional SLC NAND.

Micron is currently working on the NAND business devices with densities up to 32 GB and the start of operation and production is scheduled for first quarter 2009. Micron also intends to introduce versions SLC and Multi-Level (MLC) for businesses printed in 34 nm, and, from next year.
For Sun, this is not the first collaboration in the field of DSS. A few months ago, in fact, the company announced a similar partnership with Samsung in the SLC for servers.

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