How to manage my ADS? Or how can I make my ADS rotate in each visit? Questions asked by bloggers and which need answers.
As you know there is a lot of ADS provider over the internet like Adsense, Adbrite, Chikita and others. In the same time, we want to place all of them on the same place to get more revenue, but how? The answer is very simple you can search the network for some scripts to make your ADS rotate but some time we find those scripts a little complicated and buggy.
Finally, I found a good solution which is Google Ad Manager, as you can see ADS on this pages: those entire one are delivered by Google Ad Manager. To check this out you can visit another pages in my blog and you will see the difference.

Google Ad Manager :
logoGoogle Ad Manager is a hosted ad management solution that can help you sell, schedule, deliver, and measure all of your direct-sold and network-based inventory. Google Ad Manager offers:
  • A simple, intuitive user interface: Manage orders, inventory, and advertiser data quickly and efficiently.
  • Efficient sales and trafficking workflows: Decrease training time and trafficking steps with simplified tagging and inventory management.
  • Google serving speed and reliability: Enjoy more uptime, quicker ad delivery, and fewer reporting discrepancies.
  • Yield optimization: Consistently deliver the highest-paying ad for each impression by enabling AdSense price competition (optional).
  • Precise inventory forecasting: Sell more of your inventory without overbooking.
  • Significant cost savings: Google Ad Manager is free
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OpenX :
logo_openxOpenx is a free, open source ad server used to manage the advertising on over 100,000 websites around the world. The OpenX Ad Server is avalable as a hosted servoce or as downloaded software.

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