After a first version launched a month ago and a half, the development team Kiwix has launched a stable solution that can download the full version of Wikipedia, the famous online encyclopedia, on the computer or on a removable disk to access and view offline mode.

It is a small program that can suck all the articles online and store them in a data file indexed to navigate as if they were connected. This represents a great advantage for those who are always looking for a fairly complete information without having permanent access to the net. It should also developing countries where the connection is rare and it is rather difficult to itself encyclopedias.
For the moment, there is no optimal way to retrieve the updates but a file that contains the entire encyclopedia is available monthly. As against, the developers of the solution promise a better solution in the near future.
Kiwix is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. The total size of the data file is 1.4 GB and takes on a USB key which increases the capacity of mobility.