The relationship between Mozilla and Google are no longer what they were, since the arrival of Chrome, the browser Big G, things have become much more complicated.
John Lilly, CEO of Mozilla, always trying to normalize relations with Google, to make the best of a bad game as the colossus of Mountain View is the main sponsor of the Foundation, but it does not a fact that Google and Mozilla are increasingly in a position of competitors and adversaries, so that Google has removed Firefox from Google Pack to make room for Chrome.
"We are working directly with Google and we have very good relations, but in future we will be competitors. Our companies will continue to cooperate in some areas, but on others we will be rivals. We cooperate with Google because we believe that research is an essential entry point for the Web, and they will now provide the best experience. "
John Lilly acknowledges that Mozilla will try to reduce its hegemony on financial donations and grants from Google. "Our goal is to be a major player in the Internet for 50 or 100 years. To do this, you can not depend on a single sponsor. "
"Our agreement has a term of three years (it expires in 2011) and is the partnership contract as long as we have signed. This is a sufficiently long period, nothing should be done in haste, and the next three years, we will continue to create products and develop solutions that will increase our profits. "

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