A new browser Lunascape integrates the three main engines delivered, Gecko, Trident and WebKit, allowing them to swing to provide the best performance and a maximum speed.
Lunascape is more interesting for those who use more than one browser to bypass the display problems of some pages, which, for example, are optimized for Firefox or who work only on Internet Explorer.
Lunascape the browser gives the user the ability to switch between the three renderers via a right click or with a dedicated button on the left. If you find that some pages work better with an engine determined, just select it. You can also configure the browser to automatically switch to the best engine for each page, so as not to repeat the rocking at each visit.
The current version is far from definitive. She still has some defects but is rather stable. It is mainly intended for fans and developers, but with all the features it includes, such as support for RSS feeds and podcasts, tabbed browsing, recognition of the movement of the mouse for easy navigation , The different templates and appearances, modularity and the possibility of advanced customization and security of personal data (passwords and documents seized in forms), give this browser a number of reasons for appeal.

According to its developer, the browser is the fastest in the world (at least at the level of SunSpider JavaScript Benchmark), even if opting for the rendering engine, Gecko has not reported significant differences compared to Firefox.
The browser is not, for now, able to automatically decide what engine to use for each page, but it is likely that this feature is implemented in future versions. The Japanese version has been downloaded 10 million times since 2004 and is currently 5% of the global market.
Alpha version of Lunascape 5, which is also the first in English, is available for free download Beta should make its appearance in the coming days.

Supported OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
Minimum Installed Memory: 256MB (recommended: 512MB)
Internet Explorer 6 or later

[Download Lunascape 5.0.0 alpha3 ]