Gmail, the courier and Google continues to evolve, with this time, a feature that is likely to have much success. Starting today, the instant messaging service integrated into the mail, supports voice and video.
All you need is a webcam and install a plug-in in the browser to use this feature. The plug-in about 2 MB, for the time being, only compatible with most popular browsers, but only on a Windows platform.
In its momentum, Google has opted for the further development of applications-oriented businesses. Google Video is the perfect example of the means of business communication.
Gmail is increasingly seen as a professional courier able to move and provide a service in all daily activities: this new option has in fact added to the panoply of other services such as Calendar, Docs, the SMS service and the new mobile version 2.0. Google also continues its efforts to improve security as the use of OpenID authentication.
According to some analysts, Google products are not yet mature as business applications, especially for a security level not seen as sufficient. But, as usual, Google will never leave anything to chance.

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