I’m always searching how to hide my PC while surfing the internet, some thing that make me anonym. Fortunally, when I’m googling for some things else, some thing diffirent I found Ultrasurf, it’s an easysoft , so small and simple for use as I wanted. you can try it and don’t worry about serials it’s free


allows you to overcome the censorship and blockage on the Internet. You can browse any website freely

Before using UltraSurf :


 After using UltraSurf :


How to use UltraSurf ?

  • Download UltraSurf
  • Extract it where ever you want (OnDesktop is recomended)
  • Open it and wait that it make connections with it server
  • Wait IE to be opened automaticly


Now you are free to surf.

For Firefox user there is an add-on to add it, it work only when you open UltraSurf First then activate the add-on.

[Download U91]

[Download U90]

[Download Firefox Add-On]