Captcha, the anti spam system used by Hotmail and Gmail using the recognition of letters and numbers on images to prevent the creation of accounts by robots, has been violated.

According to Websense Security, Hotmail and Gmail are now victims of major violations by spammers and hackers. In practice, violation of Captcha can create false email accounts from which hackers are able not only to send spam but also to perpetrate other illegal activities.

The antispam Microsoft Hotmail would have collapsed under the bombardment of spam bots, mainly because of the vulnerability of its Captcha and the absence of a blacklist containing the addresses of spam servers already listed.

Same fate for Gmail, which failed to hold face to the development team of the famous software Xrumer capable of launching spam in forums and blogs. The application in question has reached version 5.0, that capacity has increased by reading the text embedded in images, as we show the Captcha images, and especially the care proxies multi-IP able to circumvent all kinds of blocking IP addresses.