Windows Live Messenger, the famous instant messaging service, enriches its wide range of services through the introduction of TBot, virtual translator to overcome the language barrier, helping people to chat with their friends and contacts in the world without problems.
After adding TBot ( as a contact in its list of friends on Windows Live Messenger, it can be used for the simple translation of words or phrases and become a valuable support to sustain a conversation without problems with friends or colleagues.
Just write in their own language, just like on a normal conversation and TBot does the job., Reflecting both the texts expressed that received the texts in order to foster a perfect understanding the two interlocutors, without calling the services of a dictionary or a translator. Obviously, the application can also be used on mobile devices.
TBot, the translator integrated Windows Live Messenger can convert 12 languages: German, English, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Dutch and Portuguese.