Microsoft has earmarked 300 million dollars for an advertising campaign throughout the world, to give the public a new perception of Windows Vista. Indeed, Microsoft is subject to many critics, who sometimes are a bit far from reality. To change this "distorted reality," Microsoft has decided to call on the talents of Jerry Seinfeld, a popular American actor, who will be the protagonist of a series of advertisements, and this, alongside Bill Gates, who will return when to him, the image of success. The first of these spots has just been published, and you can now see him on several TV channels North America.

The spot shows Bill Gates in strange and unusual situations. With almost no reference to Windows, the closing spot makes explicit reference to the operating system with the logo and the words "The future, Delicious', 'The future Delicious'. Nothing to do with the usual pubs' Mac against PC 'Apple certainly more direct. But this one is just the first of the series. On the next wait to see what are the messages that wants to move on Microsoft Windows Vista.