The new configurations Netbooks, MSI and Asus offering 160GB hard drives, can now offer Windows XP.

Microsoft has removed restrictions on Netbooks offering the Windows XP operating system, giving the green light to producers to increase the capacity of hard drives of 80 GB to 160. The consent given by the software giant comes at a time when MSI has just introduced a version of its famous MSI Wind with greater storage capacity, and qu'Asus which is preparing to launch a new version EeePC 1000H with a 160GB hard drive. 

According to Taiwanese sources, the new capabilities offered on the Netbooks and UMPCs will increased demand for these products, even disabling sales solutions with a 80GB hard drive or storage DSS. But Intel, which rose master on the market for ultraportable and Netbook, with its range of processors Atom, should not allow much growth, given that American society has an interest to maintain a clear separation between Netbooks and computers portables, for whom she has just set up and launch platform Centrino 2.