It was a bit surprisingly, the Department of Justice U.S. uses the services of a lawyer in the antitrust order to investigate the partnership which was established between Google and Yahoo on advertising.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the case would have been attributed to Sanford Litvack, the former CEO of Walt Disney and one of the most famous lawyers in the country. Litvack has in fact been called to Washington to examine, in a much deeper, the possible risks of monopoly in the field of online advertising that could arise from this agreement.

The ANA (Association of National Advertisers) had recently sent a letter to Attorney General to underline the danger that could represent a "partnership capable of controlling 90% of the market for online advertising based on research.

Google and Yahoo continue to pretend that there is no danger of monopoly and that the agreement was delayed by 100 days to allow the inspectors to investigate the matter.

"Although there has been much speculation about this agreement and its impact on advertisers and price announcements, we believe it would be too early for the legislature, to terminate the agreement before it is applied. Thus, everyone can judge the real impact, "said Google.

Meanwhile, Yahoo also said they had a discussion "constant and productive" with the Ministry of Justice and they knew that the Department of Justice was seeking the advice of an outside consultant. "We remain convinced that the operation is lawful and that when the federal government and regulatory agencies with whom we worked, the partnership will work, they will be pro-competitive, good for the marketplace."