Since this week, thanks to Google, users can freely consult the archives of newspaper articles from worldwide publications. The new service, free, is called Google News Archive.
Even limited in terms of catalog, the search engine promises to expand the content available, "the local newspaper the major national dailies," agrees there on his blog.
Some historical events are present: a search on the first lunar landing in 1969 (photo) presents coverage of the daily Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Another example is the location of the wreck of the Titanic (published August 16, 1980).
Google has established partnerships with publishers to digitize their paper archives, or recover their archives already in electronic format, such as the New York Times. The company was also close to aggregators of digital archives.
For now, queries made do mostly for publications in English. The French are not past the years 1980 and focused on articles paid for. No details for the moment on the arrangements included in France with the press.