Microsoft has just introduced a new version of its Windows Genuine Advantage, the software used to verify the authenticity of the version of the operating system installed on a PC and notify the user whether there is a pirated version or not validated.

The new version of Windows Genuine Advantage is designed to Windows XP, and unlike the previous version, it takes a more obvious, visible and pervasive. If the WGA detects that the operating system installed is a pirate copy, the notification will no longer be a simple pop-up, but the background of the PC will become black and a great message warn the user of 'Existence of a pirated copy.

Since then, the user no longer than 60 minutes to address the problem, if such notification invasive continue to reappear.

It is also to recall that most of this software, Microsoft also distributes the Office Genuine Advantage, which handles about him of verifying the authenticity of Microsoft Office, the suite of productivity programs.