16-layer optical disc

According to Pioneer Corporation, the Japanese firm had successfully developed for the first time in the world, an optical disc read-only with a capacity of 400 gigabytes. This disc would accept a depth of the entry of 16 layers, with a capacity of 25Go by layer, which is actually the same support as that of a Blu-Ray.

This multilayer technology will also apply to recordable discs. This development has strengthened the confidence of Pioneer on the feasibility of an optical disc of a large capacity, which should become necessary in the near future.

For multilayer optical discs, it was difficult to obtain clear signals registration of each layer is stable. Using the technology of producing optical discs it has developed in the field of DVD, Pioneer arrives to solve these problems, using a disc that can reduce crosstalk adjacent layers, resulting in a disc of 16 layers.

Regarding the reading system, Pioneer announced that he had reached a certain stability in reading the signals recorded.

Pioneer will present the details of this research at the International Symposium on optical memory and optical storage of data in 2008 to be held in Hawaii next July 13.

Layer 1 Layer 9 Layer 16
Layer 0 Layer 8 Layer 15

Eye-pattern signals obtained from the layers