It must not happen a lot in today's world so that spammers are resorting to information on natural disasters and relevant facts to go invent their own fictitious events.

The spam campaigns are now using some subjects delirious to attract people:

  • Saddam Hussein found dead
  • The Netherlands was disqualified during the Euro 2008
  • An earthquake reduced dust in Beijing
  • Olympic Games 2008 will probably not take place
  • Latest news! Obama left the presidential race

This technique clever plays on the curiosity of people about the information on natural disasters and celebrities.

The e-mails also call to follow a link that seems quite harmless to the neophyte user.

All links lead to a page that contains a fake video hosted on legitimate sites that have been pirated.
If you click on the video, which is actually a simple image, that is what started downloading an executable file. The latter is detected as a Trojan horse. This type of spam is currently being detected and identified by the anti-spam products.

Recommendations: Never click on links in an e-mail unless you're sure of its origin. Keep your anti-virus software up to date and if you have a website make sure it is properly secured.