HP yesterday launched an evolution of its range of TouchSmart PC with a new design strangely reminiscent iMac. It is a mode of recent PC manufacturers a base of Windows, such as Gateway 'One' or Dell 'XPS One'.

The IQ500 series is based on touch screens from 19 to 22 inches. While the computer is placed behind the screen and uses a slot eats disk player optics and connectors mounted on the sides to treat a thin design.

The new TouchSmarts goes even further in designing high-end design with a two-tone colors, black and mahogany, a mouse and wireless keyboard and an ambient light sensor to adjust the brightness of the display. A webcam and a 802.11n wireless connectivity are also part of the platform.

HP marks a shift from the original design based on a processor AMD to migrate to Intel. HP is expected to begin today taking online orders of the new range TouchSmarts and expected to be available in the distributive trades in July.

Source : Gnet