Almost every two week, new technologies appear to the life which made science on Earth more and more advanced. Thanks to space technology and the space scientific research, life on our blue planet is different now.

Since man discovered how to attempt space, human life and science becomes rich in different ways. In first place, these ways include some scientific experience that we can’t make it on Earth because of the gravity, like some metal mixtures and medicines. Those experiences open myriads of possibilities in front of man. Some of them are getting a fuller knowledge of man’s environment, solving the problem of the dwindling energy reserves on Earth and growing crops in other planets.

These ways include also communication satellites which send T.V and telephone messages across the oceans: the whole world reduced to a small village, we are living now an era of information revolution: theories and information spread all over the world swiftly which help scientist to develop others theories. On other hand, meteorological satellites are set up to make it possible to forecast the weather and predict the coming of disasters like hurricanes, floods and droughts. As a consequence, crops can be saved and people’s lives spared.

In another way, space technologies make science advanced especially in surgery field. Grace to teleconference, surgeon can pass an operation to a patient, which lives in the other side of world, without the need to travel to there.

In fact, space technology and the space scientific research are really making science on Earth advanced but some people think that they are the biggest money waste on nothings.

Written by Khammami